Union Kitchen Grocery

Union Kitchen has its thumb in many different pies of the DC food system. One aspect of the company, and my personal favorite, is the Union Kitchen Grocery. The Grocery is a quaint little corner store located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. A second location is due to open in the early fall months. To me the Grocery is a very important part of Union Kitchen’s work. I believe this to be true because it gives members the opportunity to sell products on real retail shelves, next to very successful brands. The Grocery carries all sorts of “big food” brands from Coca-Cola to Doritos. Member products are sold on the shelves next to big time competition, and are not given any special treatment by the Grocery, other than a small sign denoting them as Union Kitchen Member products. This allows consumers to see that their are excellent, local alternatives to their favorite snacks, while also giving Members an opportunity to see how their products stack up to the competition.

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